Museum Virtual Tour


At the River of Time Museum, you will be able to explore history spanning over a thousand years in the Lower Verde River Valley. As you navigate through the museum, you will learn the stories of:


That is what you would have heard upon arrival here to consider buying a property. Perhaps you flew in from Chicago on a McCulloch Airlines flight. They were actually free for interested parties! Originally called Chaparral City, Fountain Hills was a McCulloch-Woods planned Community…

The Water Room

The redwood pipe on your left was used between 1922 and 1930 to deliver water from the Verde River to Phoenix.

Native Life

We have to remind ourselves, however, that people have lived here for thousands of years for the same reason. Paleolithic Hunters followed water: rivers, creeks, streams…

The Mines

We have 2 mines near Fountain Hills: Dixie Mine and Four Peaks Amethyst Mine. There is a trail to the Dixie Mine at the end of Golden Eagle Drive…

The Late 1800's

Fort McDowell was built in 1865 by Californian volunteers in response to complaints from ranchers and farmers about Indian attacks. Life was difficult at first due to heat and lack of good food. Farmers and ranchers later grew hay and food.

The 1900's And Beyond

The Roosevelt Dam was built in the Tonto Basin because ranchers and farmers concerned about flooding and droughts went to Washington to convince President Theodore Roosevelt to build it there, using their properties as leverage.

The Orme Dam

The story of the Yavapai nation is vast and essential when learning Arizona’s history. From losing their land, trekking to San Carlos, their return in 1903, their fight for self-determination in 1934, voting rights in 1984, no Orme Dam in 1981, water rights in 1990, gaming rights in 1992… until the present day…