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That is what you would have heard upon arrival here to consider buying a property. Perhaps you flew in from Chicago on a McCulloch Airlines flight. They were actually free for interested parties! Originally called Chaparral City, Fountain Hills was a McCulloch-Woods planned Community. You would definitely not miss the fountain, which went up for the first time in December 1970; 560 feet on three pumps. Now, the fountain goes up 330 feet on 2 pumps on the hour for 15 minutes, from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., 7,000 gallons a minute. No longer the tallest fountain in the world, it is still impressive.

Please note the photo of the first family to move into town in February 1972. And for a blast from the past, check out this video of Fountain Hills in the 1970’s!

“This film footage features Fountain Hills in the early 1970’s when the construction of the fountain was completed. Thank you to Marshall Shore and iMemories in Scottsdale, AZ for providing this amazing look into the past! For additional information about this project, contact:”
“On Feb. 12, 1972, Sally Atchinson and her two children received the keys to their new home on Calaveras Avenue in Fountain Hills, making them the first residents in the community. Exactly 48 years later, Atchinson is still here.”