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The story of the Yavapai nation is vast and essential when learning Arizona’s history. From losing their land, trekking to San Carlos, their return in 1903, their fight for self-determination in 1934, voting rights in 1984, no Orme Dam in 1981, water rights in 1990, gaming rights in 1992… until the present day. Construction of the Orme Dam was part of the Central Arizona Project. The Yavapai resisted the efforts of legislators and CAP to flood their reservation thereby destroying archaeological sites and cemeteries. In 1981 the Yavapai marched to the State Capitol to deliver a bark scroll proclaiming their desire to remain on their land. Their strong opposition along with other voices led to the cancellation of the dam by President Carter.


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“Hiawatha Hood, member of the Yavapai Nation and Hall of Fame Inductee 2018, fought against the U.S. government over the proposed building of Orme Dam. To Mr. Hood, the construction of Orme Dam would mean the destruction of the Yavapai culture and way of life.”