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Stuck inside? No problem! Pick from our list of crafts and activities you can do with the whole family. There is a lot to discover at the River of Time Museum!

Pollinator Dot-to-Dots

In 2019, “Flying Flowers” teamed up with the River of Time Museum to bring awareness to the Fountain Hills Community about the extinction of Monarch Butterflies. Along with conserving monarchs, “Flying Flowers” discussed the importance of caring for local pollinators like hummingbirds and bats. Due to the hard work of these tiny creatures, flowers are able to produce many varieties of fruit and produce that we love to eat! Arizona is home to 18 different species of hummingbirds and 28 species of bats! 

Hummingbird Dot-to-Dot

Bat Dot-to-Dot

Butterfly Dot-to-Dot

Native American Word Search

From the canal-building Hohokam to the early wikiup shelters of the Yavapai, the past of the Lower Verde River Valley can be read in the pottery and petroglyphs left behind. Today we can learn about our neighbors to the north, the Yavapai Nation, a tribe of about 900 members who have struggled to overcome immense challenges to become a highly successful community. Download the crossword puzzle below and find the names of tribes native to Arizona!

Native Americans of the Southwest Word Search

Four Peaks Coloring Pages

The Four Peaks Amethyst Mine is in the cleft between the third and fourth peaks and sits on 20 acres at 7100 feet. The stone which gets its rich purple color from manganese must be carried down the mountain in 80 lb. packs. Four Peaks is very recognizable as it is on most AZ license plates. Click to download the PDFs below to color a cowboy exploring the great southwest or fill in an amethyst diamond with your favorite color! 

Four Peaks Mountain with Cowboy Coloring Page (Children 10+, Adults)

Amethyst Coloring Page (Children 3+)