About the River of Time Museum

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Who We Are

The River of Time Museum merges the social sciences of history, archaeology, anthropology.

From its inception the Fountain Hills Historical Society wanted to make a difference "for this community by preserving for the future the very beginnings of Fountain Hills' development." In the first ten years the society expanded to include all of the communities of the Lower Verde Valley and began a series of exhibits that grew into its first museum initially at the Chamber of Commerce and then in an temporary structure at Fountain Park.

In 2003 the River of Time opened its doors with an innovative mission. Using a variety of tools including: history, archaeology, anthropology, art, geology, and geography, the museum presented the past of the Lower Verde River Valley through water. During the following ten years the museum amassed information and artifacts, and the programs grew beyond the confines of its 5,000 square foot space.

about the museum

2020 Vision

Learn how the museum will not only meets the needs of the existing community but becomes an integral part of the long term plan for growth and sustainability over the next fifty years.

Board of Directors

Meet the River of Time Museum Board of Directors, its officers and Director.


Meet the dedicated River of Time Volunteers and Support Community.

Our Mission

To engage, entertain, educate, and inspire people about the Lower Verde River Valley through relevant topics and experiences. Using the natural /social sciences of the region we preserve and interpret the past to understand the present, and promote future sustainability.